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Amazon cricket quiz answers

Is it not cool? Getting your shopping stuffs delivered at home just by being at home. So Amazon is giving just the same kind of facility. Today it is worldwide famous because of its brilliant facility to its users. It has options of complaining plus option of appreciating so both in cases one could go for experienced option. Amazon is changing the face of shopping; the meaning of shopping plus it has also produced job opportunity for so many people of all age group. In short Amazon is an angle, life saver. It is giving stuffs at reasonable price just by being at home. It is listening every complaint of its users so Amazon is taking care of its customers. It is a genie asks for anything there you will find.

In every aspect Amazon is brilliant. It releases its offer time  to time. So today things are changing. Those who want to study but they belong to remote area and could not travel 20 kilometres for buying books. Amazon becomes that shop where they can find things very easily; they could order those books at reasonable price. The best part about those things are they do not need to go out of home Amazon would do that for you. Juts take up your mobile and order the books. Amazon is giving two way profits, one to the one who was in need of those books and need of education, and it is also helping out who was in need of employment.

So it is working parallel. It has become example of such inventions such innovation and techniques. We all know in villages people suffer from several crisis but since Amazon became part of those remote areas things have also changed for many. There were issues like village people never got medicines on time plus shortage of books. So one can image how many issues it has shorted out for all the people. It is one of nice opportunity to take profit from. Earlier thinking these things were a part of dream but with time and invention now these things have become possible. One needs to just play the Cricket quiz games and they can win at any moment. So many quizzes happen but this one is different and best one because it is bringing opportunity along with itself. So enjoy both the things.

Q. Which of the following are the members of SAARC (South Asian association for regional cooperation)?

A.  These are the members of the SAARC -  Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, sri Lanka, Afghanistan and the Maldives.

Q. Which of the following are the member countries of the commonwealth?

A.  Mauritius, Ghana, Singapore, Jamaica, Australia, UK, Tonga, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Nigeria.

Q.  Which language is spoken by Manipur?

A.  Manipuri and English

Q.  Manipur is blessed with which minerals?

A. Petroleum, Nickel and Sillimanite

Q. Which minerals are giving Chhattisgarh?

A. Gaunet, Dolomite, Coal, Corundum, Diamond, Bauxite, Iron –ore, Bauxite, Limestone, Guartz, Marble.